Savage Worlds Deadly Cruise Report – 2nd Session

Somehow, despite all my efforts to create an inept character, we are still alive in this game!

As we picked up our normal people posing as adventurers, they were in the midst of trying to figure out what was happening on the ship.  We started in medias res, with some zombies right up in our faces that we had to fend off, along with several other civilians getting in the way.  Liz’ character (the pop culture diva) proposed that they were vampires.  After some fighting, she and Jon (her bodyguard) started making stakes from some furniture.

I managed to get a great hit in on a zombie’s foot!  I started to Google “vampire weaknesses to lava” only to find that the internet wasn’t working on my phone.

After shaking some zombies and encouraging some people to get to safety we holed up temporarily in a room to think about our options and to look at a map of the ship to figure out our options.  Yes, DJ gave us a map of a Disney cruise ship.

(Intellectual property of Disney, yo.)

We started on Deck 3 and decided it was in our best interest to make our way up the bow stairs to the bridge on Deck 13.  We got up there with very little incident and found that the ship had been simultaneously taken over by pirates!  And I’m not talking about Pirates of the Caribbean – The Ride pirates either!  Like, REAL pirates that want to kill you and take your stuff.

I failed my Spirit roll something fierce and started to freak out.  In the ensuing scuffle, I kicked a grenade farther into the bridge.  My compatriots ran out onto the observation deck and I stayed on the bridge.  When the grenade exploded, I managed to survive.  We ended here, with a nice cliffhanger for next time.


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