Game Club Dungeons and Dragons Report

On Tuesday of this week we restarted my Dungeons and Dragons game at Game Club.

When we last left our fearless adventurers, they had crossed the Cloud Step ravine and made their way North towards the gap.  We reviewed the political standing of the realm:  Clan Bear (now under threat from the Winter Wolf) believes that the Frost Giants and Orcs are going to join forces to crush the South.  The Druids, in a very loose alliance with Clan Bear, have sent an emissary north to negotiate with the Frost Giants to maintain peace within the realm.

Politics aside, the PCs still have a mission:  to investigate The Gap and see what riches or resources might lay within the Unknown Regions.  They encounter no threats on their way across the Naked Moor and see what looks like a normal sized castle, in what must be only a few kilometers away.  After several more kilometers of travel, they realize that their perspective has been off:  it is the largest Castle they have ever seen!  Rising in between the two sides of The Gap, the Castle easily tops 450 feet at the top of its spire. Mary uses her training as a sorcerer to remember a name of a kingdom of the North that has since disappeared.  She remembers the name “Snowspire”, but nothing else.  This name seems to fit the castle.

Fearing a hostile occupant, the PCs approach cautiously, hiding behind Dom’s Minor Illusion to make them look like snow.  No life is seen on the parapets and as they approach further, they notice that the 50 foot high door is ajar.  No traps are detected and they push open the second entrance gate.

They are greeted by a giant statue of a woman holding a scroll and a battleaxe.  Weary of an ambush, they give a quick look around and note some stairs leading down.  They decide to take those stairs.  I used game paper to start to track their progress and we will likely be exploring the castle for a while.

The stairs down lead to what appears to be a Bazaar that held every manner of good sold in the castle.  Over 50 stalls represent every curiosity, much of which has long been eaten or looted.  The group decided to press on to the next area in lieu of exploration.

The next section is a shanty town that clearly held the working class homes of castle workers, maids, attendants, non-military night watchmen, servants, shop-keepers, etc.  Emma decided to do a thorough search of this area.  She found, in one stall, a heavy wooden chest with a name and “Night Watch Man” carved on it.  Aerendor and Folla helped her to open the chest.  Just as they opened it, a Grey Ooze attacked from the wall!

The Grey Ooze is a threat to metal armor and weapons, with acid that corrodes them.  Folla lashed into this first Ooze, killing it, but taking deductions in her sword’s ability to cause damage.  Two more oozes popped out of the walls and attacked other group members.  Matt was dissatisfied with the number of oozes, so I obliged him and added more!  Dom fell to an ooze attack but Spinnett helped him recover.

Emma found an ornate dagger and a helmet in the chest, which both glowed under Mary’s Detect magic spell.  Folla elected to put the helmet on and found, to her astonishment, that it spoke to her telepathically!  It identified itself as having been owned by the Night Watch Man.  He used it to store information about castle gossip.  It could be a key resource for exploring the Castle further.  The key information given in this session was that the helmet was last worn 150 years ago, dating the dispersion of the castle inhabitants to slightly after that time.

Our adventure ended with Folla and Emma contracting a case of the Sweat Plague from rummaging around in the filthy conditions of the Burrow Town.  They started to sweat profusely, took two levels of exhaustion, and a -2 penalty to attack rolls until it passes.

Fun was had by all!


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