Faber-Castell TK-Fine Executive Review

Peter sent me another Faber-Castell pencil that is difficult to obtain in the United States!

Faber-Castell TK-Fine Executive Review

My review of the Faber-Castell Grip 1345 paints a picture of a good pencil that feels comfortable in the hand and has a variety of nice features.  The TK-Fine Executive shares many of the features of the Grip 1345.


TK-Fine Executive compared to Grip 1345.

The TK Fine Executive has a hexagonal barrel design, while the Grip 1345 is entirely smooth and cylindrical.  The grip is textured hard plastic, made from the same material as the body.  The finish is matte, in contrast to the shiny finish of the Grip 1345.  The plastic construction of the body is comparable to a Pentel Sharp.  These Faber-Castell mechanical pencils really shine with slightly raised gold lettering down the barrel that identifies the make and model.



The pocket clip is sturdier and has a wrap design compared to the Grip 1345.  The eraser assembly is identical in function to the Grip 1345, but the construction seems higher quality on the Executive.  The extendable cone-shaped lead sleeve is, as far as I can tell, identical to the one on the Grip 1345.


I’m not crazy about the feel of the Executive in my hand, while writing. I prefer the Grip 1345.  It isn’t bad, but it also just isn’t good.  So, where does the Executive fall on my rating scale?

Writing experience: OK

Quality: Good

Features: Good

Price: Cheap

Does it make the Top Ten?  Nope.  The better pocket clip is not enough to overcome the more comfortable writing experience of the Grip 1345.  If the Grip 1345 doesn’t make the Top Ten, then this doesn’t either.

Am I glad that I have it in my collection?  Yes.

 Stay tuned for more musings about games and mechanical pencils!



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