Savage Sunday

Last night we had a good time distance gaming Savage Worlds Ship of the Dead after a long break.

When we last left the “normal” people that are our characters, we had just escaped a group of “terrorists” who had attempted to take over the ship.  We found ourselves in an office with walkie talkies and immediately heard that most of the crew and passengers were holed up in the Theatre.  So, the question was, go there or check out the lifeboats?

We agreed to check out the lifeboats first.  Climbing down to get to the deck that had them was not easy.  Jamie, playing a creepy old writer dude, rolled well and shimmied down the rope Cirque-de-Soleil style.  I rolled a two on my climbing roll and then another two to grab the rope/railing.  My character plummeted five stories, cracking his skull on the railing and then another five stories off of the ship into the water.  Yay!  The trope was getting tired and I’m glad my character finally died.  This allowed me to bring in my second character, which I very much prefer.

We made it to the lifeboats after the climb.  They were the modern, fully-enclosed style.  Unfortunately, winching them down required hefty electrical power.  Jon attempted to jury rig an electrical line from a few other life boats but the winch required 220 Volts of potential and the little alternators of each lifeboat could only muster a dozen or so.

At this time, a mob of living humans chased the proprietor of the boat over the railing to his doom.  It turns out that the “terrorist” attack was actually staged by the owner.  We had noticed earlier that there was no other boat moored to the cruise ship, revealing that the “terrorists” started the voyage on the ship.  It is revealed by another NPC ally (who is an officer aboard) that the owner had been attempting to blow up the ship for insurance money.

At this time, my new character, Beatrice, showed up wielding some Uzi submachine guns that she had gotten off of a dead “terrorist”.  As I spoke through her voice we learned that she had a British accent and that despite growing up on a farm in Kansas her parents were British.  I guess.  Sure.  It just came out that way!

Beatrice took command of the situation and we all decided to go down to the Bilge to try to restore electrical power.  On the way, Beatrice’s friend Katie showed up in Zombie form.  Beatrice couldn’t put her out of her misery, and we didn’t want to waste bullets. So Jon dispatched her with a headlock move.  He was scratched, but spent a Benny to ensure no wounds.

We travelled down through the ship without incident and came to the Generator room.  It was crawling with 20 zombies.  A prolonged battle ensued in which we were able to figure out the mechanics of going for their heads.  Beatrice had noticed this earlier.  Whether through melee (Jack, Jamie and Liz) or with Uzis (Jon and I), we whittled away at the Zombie Corps as they attacked us.  Patience ruled the day because to get a called shot to the head at -4 you pretty much had to spend a round aiming to guarantee a kill.

Jack trusted his skill and threw a grenade in back of the zombies, taking out many.  Huzzah!

Liz was the only truly ineffective combatant, which seems fitting given the reality “star” trope that she brought to the table.  Great for role-playing, terrible for combat.  That’s ok, because her character’s rants kept the combat engaging.

We defeated the zombies and recovered a bunch of explosives and guns and ammo.  Fun was had by all.  It may have been our shortest adventure, but definitely the most rich.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve had a lot of professional obligations, life stuff, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released a few weeks ago.  Most of my free time has gone to that gem of a game, which I still have to report on. More to come.


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