Game Club Group 2 Role-playing Update

Tuesday of last week the second group got their second session.

When we last left our fearless adventurers, they had been defending Snowspire Castle against an onslaught of a massive army.  Kat and Heaven worked together to bolster the Mages projecting a shield to defend the Castle and the rest of the group (Ali, Ryan, Ryan, Josh and Sandy) worked their way through a subterranean tunnel to defend The Monument against a betraying Lieutenant of the Cavalry.

This adventure was entirely combat, but as always the students were very creative in their defense.  Heaven and Kat had to switch their tactics because, just as they felt they had the shield as a solid defense.  Clouds above darkened day into night and four Shadows and a Wraith materialized through the Castle walls.  The ladies had no hope of defeating the Wraith in combat while the other mages and clerics defended the castle.  Their task became to protect these defenders by distracting the Wraith and eliminating the Shadows.  They did a superb job.  The Wraith was slow moving while the Shadows approached.  Heaven, being an Arcane Trickster with limited mage spells, used the Light spell to scare two of the Shadows away.  Karkat, as a cleric, lured two of the Shadows and the Wraith near her and used her Turn Undead ability.  Neither Shadow was turned, but the Wraith rolled a critical failure on its Save!  Some minor hits were exchanged between the Shadows and our valiant defenders and they managed to creatively repulse these fearsome foes!

The Martial Group was down an Ali but gained a Josh.  They set themselves up around The Monument to defend it.  Too much damage to The Monument could result in the mages and clerics of the castle being unable to maintain the shield.  They started allowing one of the mallet-wielding berserkers to get a few hits on the Monument.  They soon realized that by staggering their defensive formation they could each choose which of two berserkers to occupy, instead of just taking them one on one.  Josh had an interesting exchange with a berserker, getting behind it and levelling a called shot to it.  This whole time, Lieutenant Fache, the cavalry officer who betrayed Castle Snowspire, fired arrows of Entanglement at the group to attempt to create openings to allow the berserkers to get to the Monument.   He succeeded in entangling several party members.  They were able to make the strength Saves to break the entanglement in most cases.  In one case, the Lieutenant rolled a critical miss on his attack role and entangled a berserker instead!

We ran out of time before finishing the battle, but the group was very creative and performed admirably.    We have limited time to play and I want some closure.  Maybe a chase to stop Lieutenant Fache?  Sounds good!  ;D


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