Gaming Update March 2015

I’ve done a fair amount of gaming the last few weeks but I haven’t had much time to post.  Here’s a quick round up.

At the beginning of March Spielbound screened World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements at Filmstreams in downtown Omaha.  I sat on the panel.  Educator John Hunter has an ambitious game.  The one question I have is the extent to which he develops the framework for the game over the course of a school year.  Because I’d be floored if the kids in the game aren’t gifted kids and/or if they aren’t prepped for several months before the game starts.  It’s an amazing achievement and its the definition of authentic assessment.

The panel discussion went great.  Afterwards, the word from my supervisor from UNO is that some of my former grad students in the Cadre said:  “I never realized he did so much outside of class and also had time to give us all the feedback he does.”  Win.  I’ll take it.

If you like game design, you really owe it to yourself to check out the game.  Mr. Hunter did in the 1970s what most modern board game designers didn’t figure out for decades after.

Extended trailer:

I played an X-wing Miniatures Championship tournament at Dragon’s Lair on Saturday.  I got rocked, which didn’t surprise me.  I just don’t have the  time to practice enough to fly my lists well enough.  I went 0-3 and dropped.  Not because I’m a poor sport but because my friend had a cancer benefit that night and by dropping early I could spend more time at that event.  I was under no delusion that I would make the top 8 cut anyway.  My squad was:

Kath Scarlet 38

Predator 3

Recon Specialist 3

Engine Upgrade 4

Syndicate Thug 18

Ion Cannon Turret 5

R4 Agromech 2

BTL-A4 Y-wing 0

Syndicate Thug 18

Ion Cannon Turret 5

R4 Agromech 2

BTL-A4 Y-wing 0

The Y-wings have been nicknamed “Warthogs” in the meta group and the idea behind them is that the A4 title forces their turret to face forward.  However, if they make a primary weapon attack, they can immediately follow with the Ion turret.  The R4 Agromech allows you to get a target lock after spending a focus token, which is then immediately available for use on those attacks.  At range 1 its a pretty sick every round three dice double attack that can leave the defender damaged and ionized.

Kath was my beefy harasser with extra mobility with the Engine Upgrade.  Kath’s pilot ability is that he gets an extra attack die in his rear arc, which can be brutal.  The Predator re-rolls help a lot, especially versus low PS ships, and I did find the need to boost every so often to get a better position.

I’m not one to blame dice rolls, but poor rolls were the legitimate reason I did so badly.  There were at least two cases where I rolled five dice with Kath and got a single hit while still having focus tokens.  Hit and four blanks.  On the other side, in addition to my opponents playing well, I faced several four hit rolls.  Ain’t nobody can recover from that!  I had distinctive chances to win my first two games.  In the third game, Kath’s shields were wiped in a single roll and the mobility of two loaded Aggressors just annihilated me.

I had a good time with Jimmy B and Dustin P eating lunch at Romeo’s.  We talked favorite and least favorite science fiction and Star Wars authors.  Dustin warned me that Wheel of Time doesn’t last and since we have similar tastes in literature, I trust his opinion.  So, it looks like I’ll stop after the first three.  Discworld will probably take it’s place, recommended by many people.

To round out this update, I’ve also been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in between bouts of housework.  I just got to high rank at the gathering hall and I’m chugging along in high rank in village.  I have a nice white/blue sharpness sword and shield, which is my main weapon this go around.  I’m mixing Cephalos and E.. Congalala armor to get Defense Up (S) and Halve Hunger for right now.  I’m still looking for another high rank set of armor and I’m leaning towards Monoblos because it has hefty attack up.

I play online with my buddy Craig and a couple of his friends.  We need to get together for a session sometime soon.  I’m doing well, but mats come so much faster in group questing.

I’m also looking forward to continuing Ship of the Dead Savage Worlds.  I missed the last session due to a bad illness and apparently I got left off the email list for a session that happened last night.  Apparently the group got on a raft and made it to the mainland to find that the land is also infested with zombies.  Sounds like fun.  I just need to know in advance on account of being stupid busy.

Tomorrow, we’ll see how the DND group at Game Club deals with some angry Umber Hulks in the mine system!

That’s all for now!

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