Game Club Dungeons and Dragons Report

The big event at Club tonight was to get Club IDs to verify who has permission and who doesn’t.  Once we squared that away, we had a short time to play Dungeons and Dragons!

Tonight we had Candace, Ana, Liam, Dom, and Emma.  We picked up the adventure where we left off:  confronting the Umber Hulks.

It was all about the combat.  The adventure started with the party divided into three parts.  Dom had been hypnotized by a lone Umber Hulk, frozen in place.  Ana was on her own having hid from the other Umber Hulk.  The rest of the group was in a narrow corridor trying to distract the Umber Hulk near Ana to help her get into a better position.

Emma got the party started by trying to distract the Umber Hulk.  She was not successful, being too far into the corridor for the Umber Hulk to detect.  Liam morphed into Dire Wolf druid form, whiffing his attack and took three huge hits: one from the mandible, and two claw attacks.  He was dropped by more than half of his hit points.  Ana consulted the Girard’s Helmet and learned that the Umber Hulks would try to confuse their prey with eye contact.  She shouted the instructions to the rest of the group, letting it echo in the cave walls.  Candace cast Cloud of Daggers on the Umber Hulk’s space, doing some nice damage.

Dom’s Umber Hulk lost interest after Dom was forced to flee after another powerful Confusing Gaze.  Dom pursued it and cast Reduce/Enlarge on it to successfully reduce it to medium size!  He then proceeded to wail away on the nerfed beast with his quarterstaff.

The other group continued to do solid damage with spells and attacks, but quite a few were misses on the high AC of the beast.  Emma did finally manage to distract the Umber Hulk as it fled from multiple Clouds of Daggers from Candace.  Emma lured it into the narrow corridor and threw one of the makeshift bombs that the party had created last time.  Candace cast Shatter on it, severely damaging it due to the subterranean beast’s hyper sensitive hearing and tremorsense.  At the same moment, the bomb that Emma threw exploded, blowing it sky high and collapsing the tunnel. Emma and Spinnett managed to get clear of the falling tunnel.  Everyone ran to help Dom and finished off the other Umber Hulk.

One of the Umber Hulk’s burrowing tunnels lead to additional chambers not accessible by the existent tunnels.  But that is an adventure for a future session!


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