X-wing Midwest Regionals Report

I played in the Midwest Regionals in Bellevue NE this past weekend.  I did the best I ever did at a tournament for X-wing!

My list was the Dash of Salt in Your Wound:


I played with three debris tokens since they don’t affect Dash.  Thanks for the advice Leighton and Sean.

Round 1

I faced Tyson from Denver.  Tyson was running a somewhat mirror squad with a loaded Corran and loaded Chewbacca with C3PO.  Since we both had defensive builds, we spent quite a few rounds just trading ineffective shots with each other.  Ultimately, Tyson got the dice break, did a bunch of damage to Dash and it all went downhill from there.  I lost 0-100.

Round 2

I faced a nice gentleman (gah, blanking on name!) who drove up with his buddies from central Kansas.  He was rocking a classic XXX squad of Wes, Wedge, and Luke.  He had R2 in there and Wes’ special is that he can remove focus/evade/target lock tokens from enemy ships.  I went straight at him.  Dash took heavy damage, but so did my opponent.  I used Corran double taps very effectively in this game, finishing off Wedge and Luke and losing Dash.  Then it was a full health Corran versus a full health Luke.  Both had R2, but Corran’s superior dial, access to Evade tokens and double tap had the edge.  Won 100-51.

Round 3

After lunch we came back for this round.  I faced a friend of the first round gentleman from Denver.  His list consisted of three Bs and a suped up Jake Farrell.  It wasn’t even close.  That may have been the quickest I’ve ever lost.  I did some heavy damage to Jake, but then went cold with a lot of Evade results rolled.  I managed to not kill Jake on a Corran double tap.  I did some damage to a B, but by that time it was too late.  Lost 0-100.

Round 4

I played Gabe, who I think plays at 4Plus in Omaha?  I’ve seen him many times before but never played him.  His list was Scum Boba with Lone Wolf and two Warthogs with Ion Cannons.  Learning from my last game, I gave his ships a wide berth with Dash, using the Mangler Cannon at range 3 as much as possible.  The Ys are squishy and he rolled less than a quarter Evade results on that single die.  Dash got ionized twice, but I was able to make that a non-factor most of the game as the Mangler always allowed him to shoot.  I was able to use the superior mobility of Dash to stay out of Boba’s two arcs a majority of the game.  Even with Lone Wolf re-rolls a lot of the time, it wasn’t enough.  Win 100-0.

So, I went 2-2 and decided to drop.  I had lawn mowing, house work, and a model rocketry project for school that I really needed to work on.   Some 3-2 records made the cut for Top 16 and prizes, but I knew with my low MOV that there wasn’t much chance that I’d get it, even with a blowout win.  A big part of my decision is that I won a 25 store gift card as a door prize and that got me most of the way to my second Aggressor!  I love flying the Aggressor, two ship IG lists are popular for a reason, and now I’m ready to do my own double IG build!  I also got the variant art Scum Boba card that everyone received.

All in all it was the most successful X-wing tournament for me so far in terms of enjoyment and success in the game!


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