Video Game Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the video games I’ve been playing since school got out.

1) Resident Evil: Revelations

Yes, this is third person survival horror and not really a tactical game.  Its rare to get a good third person shooter on a handheld and Resi Rev is one of the Top Ten games on the console, in my opinion.

What I like most about Resi Rev is that this version of the game really returns to the series roots.  Resident Evil 4 and 5 were more action shooters than survival horror.  They attempted to piggy-back off of the popularity of Call of Duty and other FPS games and made games that weren’t really “Resident Evil” games.  The original Resident Evil was a ground-breaking game.  I remember vividly, my second year of college, turning the lights out on a stormy night in Jason’s dorm room and scaring the crap out of ourselves with the jump scares.

Resi Rev is more like 1 than 4 or 5 and that’s a good thing.  I’m playing the story mode on Normal again just to get the feel of things.  There is nothing better than having to manage your ammo and resources carefully (hey, there’s the tactics!) while navigating through the cruise ship finding other items and advancing the story.  The game is so much easier on the second play through because even though its been years since I play it I remember a lot of the boss weaknesses and locations of monsters/items.

Right now I’m about a third of the way through the story and still in Chasm (Easy) on Raid Mode.  I’m definitely glad I picked it up again.  This may be the first time I’ve played it on an XL system too!

2) Puzzle and Dragons Z/Super Mario Edition

I’ll admit that this was an impulse buy after playing the Demo and I’m a little worried about whether it was a good choice.  Puzzle and Dragons is a very popular Free 2 Play game on Android and has been ported to 3DS without the pay model.  In the game, you can freely move colored bubbles in a bubble matrix like Bejeweled to try to create as many combos of different colors as possible.  Any combo that you make will allow the monsters that you have with you of that color attack the enemies on screen.  Heart orbs heal your hit point total which allows you to continue to explore.  Your monsters can evolve into better forms and you can use “Eggs” that you find to level your monsters faster.  Your monsters also gain experience and level as you fight.  This version also comes with a version of the game with Mario characters skinned over it, so its kind of like getting two games in one.

I’m really worried about this one because so far, as an experienced puzzle gamer, I have had no challenge at all so far.  The game is clearly marketed to bring in a younger crowd.  I could self-impose difficulty, I suppose, by bringing in weaker monsters as I go.  But I shouldn’t have to.  The evolving mechanic appears to be completely linear and based off of going through higher level dungeons.  There is no choice.  Your monsters can evolve or they can’t and it is impossible to predict when they will, other than just pushing forward.  So, this purchase may be a bust. 😦


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