Game Night and Battletech Planning

We met up for a game night at Daniel’s house, played Cards Against Humanity, and planned a Battletech house rule.


I’m keeping this blog PG, so I’ll assume that I can skip explaining Cards Against Humanity.  The best play of the evening was not school appropriate.  A good PG play was someone playing something Harry Potter-related and an “Insurmountable Amount of Spiders” or something like that.

Josh also had a proposal to increase the speed of Battletech games by changing the penalties for moving and shooting.  As the rules are written, it is based upon your movement mode that you choose.  There is no penalty for shooting if you stand still, +1 for Walking, +2 for Running and +3 for Jumping.  Josh’ proposal is to not only soften the penalties, but to have it based upon hexes moved, like defensive modifiers.  Josh is proposing that not moving carry a -1 benefit and that every hex movement “tier” increase.  I’m all for trying anything that speeds up games.  I’m not convinced that a change is necessary.  If you want your Battletech games to go quick you have to know the rules inside and out and make a concerted effort to make your calculations and decisions quickly.  In the past, with this group, we’ve set a clock on moves and I plan to continue that tradition.  Still, there is no harm in trying something new.

What’s next?  A new top three mechanical pencil with a video review!  That’s what!  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Game Night and Battletech Planning

  1. donnaldjohnson

    That would make the game very super heroish. Mechs running, jumping and shooting and hitting most things they shoot at. It would no longer be a game of future armored warfare, but a game of wizkids super heroes. IMHO. What could be done is adding targeting software, but it should be very expensive, adding enough weight that decisions between weapons, armor, and the super targeting computer.

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    1. klecser Post author

      It also would make assault mechs more valuable on the battlefield, because they don’t suffer as great of penalties from movement as they did before. I’m very skeptical of the suggested change, but it looks like it is a barrier that is preventing participation of some group members. Maybe I’m wrong about that.



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