One of the best board games ever has a digital edition!

One my favorite board games of all time is Talisman.  Talisman is a dungeon exploration game in which, like Dungeons and Dragons, you take on a role and gain special abilities and unique statistics.   Unlike DND, it is entirely number strategy and luck based.  It is elegantly designed and simple, yet deep.

You can check out the board game here:

I didn’t know until last week that there is a digital edition of Talisman 4th Edition created by Nomad Games, an Indie video game company in the UK, and licensed through Games Workshop.  Games Workshop originally licensed Talisman in the 1980s and Fantasy Flight took the license over in 2008.  You can read more about the history of the game here:

The digital edition currently has the core set of the game, and the first five expansions published by Fantasy Flight Games available for purchase.  These are FULL versions of the core and expansions and the game is fully customizable.  You can select the number of AI opponents, the number of expansions, variant rules, you name it!  The core set is 99 cents on Android and each expansion is 99 cents except for the most recent one, which is 3.67.  The Game can be purchased on PC on Steam (highest prices) and on Android, iOS and Kindle (lower prices).  You can also buy individual character cards for 99 cents a piece but that is kind of how DLC works.  Note that this DLC is not DLC needed to play or progress!  It just adds expansions and characters.  The core set and expansions are a superb deal.  If I purchased the board game and expansions in physical versions I would pay over 200 dollars.  I spent less than ten bucks and got a core game and five expansions through Google Play!  The icing on the cake is that since the game is published in the UK, if you live outside the UK you don’t pay tax!

Talisman Digital has online and local multiplayer options.  Online puts you against random people or people you know and local allows you to pass your device around when people’s turns come up.  This is perfect for roadtrips for anyone except the driver, of course (who could dictate easily).  Full features like this are rare, especially for a game at this price point.

The graphics are gorgeous and you have the option on Android to download better sounds and graphics right from the start.  That will drain battery quicker, of course.

As to the game play, the downside of Talisman has always been that it takes forever to play.  That’s why I think the digital version is a great edition.  You can autosave at any time so long as you exit the game you are playing properly, and the game pauses if you need to take your attention away from the screen at any time.  You can set fewer players to speed it along and you can be doing housework while other players play their turns.  Its a great game to play while on the bus, or while waiting in line.  Turn the AI turn speed up right away!

If you like fantasy Dungeon crawl style games, you owe it to yourself to check out Talisman digital, especially at these sale prices.


2 thoughts on “One of the best board games ever has a digital edition!

    1. klecser Post author

      DownLoadable Content. Very controversial in the video game world because it can be done well or poorly. Good DLC, according to most video gamers, is when game companies purposely make their base games cheaper and give the consumers the option of purchasing more features. Bad DLC comes in three flavors: 1) They split a full game up and charge you more than if you had just bought one complete game. 2) The DLC is “play to win” meaning that the game is purposely tedious and they ask you to pay to make it less tedious or 3) They charge you to make slight aesthetic changes to the game. The famous example of this is that an online RPG charged money to make horses look different, affecting gameplay not at all. Talisman digital would be considered by most to be “good” DLC, but there is an option where you can pay a buck to get Runestone cards, which greatly reduces the time it takes to play a game. This is optional, of course, and you can unlock the same rewards just by playing (a lot) of games. So, I’d give it a B+ on DLC.



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