Nice vintage Sheaffer mechanical pencil find

I have other advertising mechanical pencils that feature Pioneer Seeds (this is Nebraska after all!), but this is my first vintage Sheaffer mechanical pencil and it is in immaculate condition.

After a lovely time with family in Lincoln we decided to stop at the Aardvark Antique Mall.  There were a lot of vintage pencils there and I had to reign myself in.  But I did see this one in great condition for a very reasonable price!

It came in this attractive box:



Look how shiny!  The eraser is near mint and still works!  I think it uses “standard” 1.15 mm lead but I haven’t checked yet.  It might be 0.9 mm.



With lead extended:



The mechanism works well and it’s as if the pencil had been used once and put away.

The best part?  $3.84 cents!

Sheaffer was originally an Iowa company that was bought by Bic and then sold to Cross in 2014.  Their big deal is fountain pens, but like Autopoint, Scripto, Cross and Parker, they got into the advertising pencil game in the 1950s and 1960s.



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