Discussion Cards

Writing and building for the game continues!

I spent the first part of today doing some writing for Goal cards.  The writing process for these is tough and I’m trying to make my best guess at what would offer appropriate and logical rewards for each goal.  After that, I spent time designing, printing and building Discussion Cards.  These will be used for two purposes:  1) offering tips for quality discussions, and 2) a voting platform by which players will vote on their judgment of how well the discussion went.



The picture shows the Discussion cards, with the top row being the rating system.  Every player gets three cards.  On the back of each one is what is shown above in the second row, so that players will have the tools to participate on discussion and then rate those discussions, all in one place.

I have Role and Turn Order cards in the works, but those won’t happen until I force myself to do more writing!


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