Writing and building, writing and building

Yesterday was another strong day of work on Your Planet (My tentative name for the global climate change game)!

I’m taking today “off”, because I can, and because there is a lot of personal stuff to be done. In our modern world, I’m not sure there is really such a thing as a day “off”, I think it should be called “day of doing personal and secondary work”.  I’m president of my local teacher’s union and there is a lot of emailing and other logistical stuff that needs to happen today in preparation for another school year.  There is also some housework and yardwork that I have to do.   Anyway, enough about that.  What about the GAME?

Yesterday I spent the first hour writing.  I did four more Goal Cards.  That may not sound like a lot, but writing questions, background text that is well groomed, and deciding on game effects takes a lot of time.  I have to decide how much a goal should cost to pursue at three different levels and then decide what the difference is in rewards.  I’m really trying to get students to think deeply so some goal levels have slight penalties to certain player roles as well.  My initial goal is to write about 10 Resource cards and Goal cards to give a basis to work off of for play-testing.  If play-testing reveals major errors I don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel.

The rest of the day I spent building.  And there is a lot of building because if I really intend to have the game ready to pilot this year, I need to have four complete sets.  So, I did all Role/Turn Order cards for all four sets and made a big dent in Discussion Cards for all.



That’s actually two sets of cards, with one set showing the front and one set showing the back.  Like colors are fronts/backs.

I had to take a break in the mid morning because I am faux laminating the cards with packaging tape.  I basically just get a big strip of tape, lay it flat along one side and fold it over the other side, sealing the paper with information in.  It is the best balance, in my mind, between protection, cost, and time.  I could get these laminated at school, but it would take forever.  I could get it laminated at a business, but they would charge me an arm and a leg for the quantity I have.  I could buy a laminator to speed up the process, but I’m not confident in the “seals” of commercial craft store device lamination.  Its not ideal, but this is just the pilot.  If the grant continues, the ultimate goal is to produce all of these materials in marketable board game quality, even though I have no intention of marketing it.

Coming up:  Video Review of the Zebra Delguard Mechanical Pencil!



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