More Your Planet prototyping

I started off today with some writing on Resource cards and Disaster cards.  Writing was easy today because I had solved one of the great “problems” of the game this morning.

One of the key issues I’ve been concerned about has been the text on the Resource and Goal cards ballooning to a size that would make having an actual “card” cumbersome.  This is of particular concern with Goal Cards, because Goal Cards were to be placed on a traditional Game Board to track players’ progress on the goals of the game.  I figured out what needs to be done this morning, sparking some feverish inspiration on other issues.

This morning I decided that the only way to make a Game Board practical was to separate the text of Goal Cards out with the actual physical cards that would go on the Game Board.  This was easy to do at this stage because Goal Cards had to be numbered anyway to facilitate a procedure for players to stop and start the game using a “We’ll Continue Later” sheet that they can fill out.  The new plan is for there to be small cards to keep track of goals and that can be randomly drawn from a deck, that are also linked back to a “Goal Booklet” that contains all of the text for the goals.  This solved another problem in that Goal Card rewards can be placed at the back of the booklet, further facilitating a “fog of war” aspect to this part of the game.

I started thinking about the design of those cards.  My buddy DJ had sent me some blank game cards to help get me started.  It was clear that I could use those for both Goal Cards and Disaster Cards and I set about working on the design of both.

The first thing I had to do was some “scouting” of possible clear printable labels.  I went to Michaels (nada), Office Max and Office Depot, scouting some options and settled on Avery 22822 labels as pretty  much a perfect fit for the size of the cards. I went back to school and began designing and printing using the template for that label you can find online.  Here’s the result for the Goal Cards:



What better picture to have on the back of these cards than the Earth?  The bottom of the other side contains three places to mark what level of reward the players are pursuing for that Goal.  It just occurred to me that there needs to be an indication of how long it takes to accomplish that goal level by each one!  Whoops.  That’s why you only prototype a few!

Working on the goal cards inspired me to work on Disaster Cards:



The image is from the 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan.  I’m hoping that the picture will help students to understand the seriousness of the disasters we could face due to climate change.


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