Your Planet passes more hurdles

Yesterday was one of the most productive days for Your Planet!

My goal for yesterday was to finish Resource Cards.  I was able to do that and more.  First was a trip to Office Max to get printable postcards and more clear labels.  This took a little longer than normal because they are incapable of not having a problem with my school’s tax exempt status. We sorted it out.


Back to school and into the design phase again, getting pre-existing text to fit the template for the printable postcards.  With a bit of a struggle I was able to get the text to avoid some “dead spaces” at the edge of the “postcard” template and with a lot of struggle I was able to get images to align properly with test.  It isn’t perfect and in several cases I had to make a single-celled table to lock the image into the place I wanted.



Did you spot my ankles above?  😉




I decided the the best solution to Resource Cards was to divide them in three ways:  1) Discuss prompts on one side, 2) potential rewards on the back, and 3) a separate small booklet for the actual rewards!

It took me most of the morning, but I was able to finish these by lunch.

I did a working lunch and was able to reprint Goal Cards that had errors and to finish the Disaster Cards.  Granted, it was just a single set of each, but I’m a little reticent to duplicate any game materials that need to be tested first.  The Cards are critical to the operation of the Game to make sure that it isn’t too easy or too hard.

With time to spare, I decided to take the plunge and design and implement the Goal Tracking Board.  DJ sent me some blank game board and I started by cutting them in half.  The full board didn’t make sense for what I had in mind.  I planned and printed out a title, spots for the cards to go, and used a ruler and pencil to draw out spacing and alignment lines. I wasn’t perfect in lining up the stickers, but I did a pretty good job given that it was my first go.







Pretty cool, huh?

I finished up the day by getting a solidly formatted version of the Resource Discussion Rewards booklet and the Goal Card Text and Rewards Booklet.  It was the most productive day so far!


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