Kihraxz Fighter – X-wing

I’ll be playing in an X-wing tournament at Tacticon in September and I started thinking about my squad today.

I’ve been following the new Wave 7 ships that will be coming out in August.  I like all of them except the Hound’s Tooth expansion.  I’m just not crazy about big utility ships.  Maybe I’m misreading it, but it just seems like a Scum Lambda shuttle.

The Rebels get a really lovely bomber in the K-wing that has a 360 arc, a lot of bomb actions, and the new SLAM action that lets you duplicate a maneuver.

The Empire gets the TIE Punisher.  A very beefy new bomber, it also comes with the critical Extra Munitions card and Cluster bombs.

I’ll get both of these ships at some point.  Right now, for the purposes of this upcoming tournament, I’d like to play Scum.  I love the unique character of this faction and it’s illicit upgrades.

This leads me to the new Kihraxz Fighter.  Clearly the “X-wing” of the scum, it boasts a similar statistical profile, a similarly versatile dial and a nice array of new and old upgrade cards.  I tend not to plan squads with ships that I don’t have yet, but this one is at the top of my list to acquire.

Here is what I might do in the absence of a Kihraxz:

Lone Scum The Z and Kavil take advantage of their isolationist abilities on opposite sides of the board.  Kavil has a four die blaster turret and combine with Lone Wolf gives some dice re-rolls on top.  The R5 can force the defender to re-roll defense dice when you spend a target lock.  The target lock action is an easy choice with a turreted weapon.

Rounding out the squad is a Firespray with some movement flexibility, bomb dropping and the ability to hang back and fire Assault Missiles from afar.

Right now my big concern is that Kavil and the Z’s primary bonuses are based on avoiding close proximity.  The Firespray can work against that plan.  This means that the role of the Firespray is cleanup.  I don’t like dividing my squads too much because it reduces damaging enemy ships down to destruction.  There isn’t a lot of defense on the two smaller fighters, so I’m thinking that I need the Firespray in there to draw some fire.

I’ll think about it some more!


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