Fables has come to an end

No, not Fable, the video game.  Fables, the DC Vertigo comic book.

Fables, written by Bill Willingham and illustrated by a variety of artists but mostly Mark Buckingham, has been a comic institution over the last 13 years.  It has set a standard for art, story-telling, and a massive group of characters in story-telling.  I would compare it to Sandman in terms of its impact.  It has won 14 Eisner awards over that time.  It has spawned many rip-off TV shows, Once Upon a Time being the most glaring.  Yeah, when you saw that and thought it novel, Fables fans said:  “Oh, look, a Fables rip off!”

Fables (and its spinoff Fairest) are the only comic books that I’ve had in a pull file at a comic store.  You might find that surprising given the rest of this blog, but unlike many nerds, it is the mythos I am interested in.  Not the actual literary medium.  Fables is the exception to my rule.

My friend Jack and his family were in town on Saturday and we had a Day of Nerdy Fun™.  We started in downtown Omaha’s Old Market, which has loads of funny kitschy shops: The Imaginarium, Drastic Palstic, and Jackson Street Booksellers, the great used book store.  We watched Mad Max: Fury Road at the cheap theatre (which I LOVED), went to the nearby Krypton Comics (an Omaha institution), hit up some video game stores, played the Star Wars Battle Pod at Dave and Busters, and met my wife for pizza at Pie Five.  It was a great day.

At Krypton, I asked for my pull file.  I’ve been out of the loop on nerdy stuff a lot lately and hadn’t even realized there were plans for Fables to end!  But the last ten issues of the book have been “The Last Story of X” for the characters, while simultaneously wrapping up the most recent plotline.  They handed me some Superman/Wonder Woman book and I explained politely that that wasn’t in my pull file and that it should be Fables.  “Oh, Fables is done.  The last issue is a trade paperback!”


The Trade Paperback is about 6 issues worth of “wrap ups” for the main plotline between Rose Red and Snow White, and minor wrap ups for other beloved characters.  I enjoyed it.  It isn’t the best Fables out there, but it ends the series on a high note, which I am a big fan of.  The art is superb, as is the Fables tradition.

Check it out!


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