Playtest #2 was also a success!

We had another great playtest on Saturday!  Angie, Emily, Becky and Judy joined me for an exciting and stimulating game of Your Planet!

The goals of this playtest session were twofold:

  1. Test the changes made from the first playtest session.

  2. Continue to refine dimensions of the text and mechanics.

What were the takeaways?

  1.  The mechanics changes that we made after last week were very successful.  Specifically, the new Source/Sink Meter made a huge difference, validating that +10 ppm as a starting value is much more manageable than +20 ppm.  The original version of the game was more despair- than -fun-generating. The suggested changes to the Turn Order and roles worked out fine.  Disaster Card changes were also accepted as logical.

  2. The suggestion was made to offer a reward for cooperation.  We decided a good option would be to give the Public player a second Special Action that allows them to award an increase to the Level of Concern Meter whenever the Public player “catches” every role contributing to a goal.  This sends the appropriate message that mutual cooperation would encourage people to talk about Climate Change, as well as public oversight.

  3. We also refined the Disaster Cards a little bit more, thinking about the ability to cancel cards.  The group agreed that it is appropriate that some disasters should or should not be able to be cancelled.  We had lively discussion about specific cards and what conditions should allow them to be cancelled.  We mused about the possibility of letting people contribute to the Government’s ability to cancel.  Like Research being able to help the Government to respond to diseases or Public being able to contribute to Disaster funds.  We also decided that some specific cards should require specific roles (Industry and Government, for example) to contribute to cancel a Disaster.

  4. Miscellaneous refinements were made and suggested to Goal Card and Resource Card language.

  5. The suggestion was made by Angie to refine the “win” and “loss” sections of the carbon dioxide meter.  I agreed that they should be done and I think I can correct it with just taping over the existing Meters.

  6. There were five rounds in the game before we ran out of time, but we were well on our way to a total victory!  The Level of Concern Meter was almost maxed out.   We left the game after Round 5, with the Source/Sink Meter at -12 and about 411 ppm on the gauge.

There was a flurry of great suggestions that I’ll refine into a final pilot version.  I don’t think I’ll have time to do another playtest before administration.  My curricular window is roughly six weeks away.  That actually isn’t a lot of time because I have to refine the text and reprint for five copies of the game.  A lot of the cards need to be updated with new text.  That’s part of the challenge and I’ve got a lot to work on between now and the pilot!

That’s all for now!

Up next:  Pentel Energize Mechanical Pencil Video Review!


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