GOG.com – Classic PC Games

A few days ago my buddy DJ let me know that you can get six classic, eight-bit DND games at gog.com for ten bucks.  As juicy as that deal sounds, and as much as I like good gameplay over graphics, I decided to explore other aspects of this site too.

I didn’t know gog.com was a thing until a few days ago.  Its kind of Steam-esque in that it offers digital copies of games.  These games are DRM free and are older classics.  They are all very reasonably priced for what you get.

In perusing the website I came across a game that I played a lot in college and absolutely loved:  Star Wars: Rebellion.  It is a tactical RT4X (Real-Time 4X[eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate]) when that genre was still young.  It reminds me of an early version of Sins of a Solar Empire, which is arguably one of the best 4X games ever created.  At this moment, there are only three games loaded on my PC: Knight of the Old Republic, Rebellion, and Sins of a Solar Empire.  The graphics on Rebellion are terrible and the interface is clunky, but it has a lot of what people like in 4X games.  Unlike Sins, there is ground combat for taking over systems whereas Sins focuses entirely on space combat, building and resource farming.  Sins is a better game with better everything, but sometimes you just have attachments to oldies but goodies.

RT4X is my absolute favorite genre of games, so at six bucks this was an easy snag.  Its only 450 MB (it had to fit on a CD in 1998) and now I have it logged in my GOG account for eternity!


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