Time to prepare for Tacticon! Woo hoo!

Every year, my friends and I go to Tacticon in Denver over Labor Day weekend to play games together and enjoy each other’s company!

This may be our last year at Tacticon.  The Con has been wracked with turmoil due to a switch to a future hotel, (unfounded?) accusations that they aren’t really a non-profit, and steady reductions of events every year for the last few years.  I’m certain attendance is down.  Last year we got there and the auction (an annual favorite event) was already over.  This year, our favorite role-playing game (Dungeon Crawl Classics) is completely absent.  Battletech?  Whereas normally there would be five or six events, this year it is completely gone.  The dealer’s haul has gotten smaller and smaller every year.  Is this the death of Tacticon?  Maybe.

Since our ultimate goal is a relaxing weekend, we might call this one the last one.  Future goals are already in the works and there are ideas.  But I digress.

I’m determined to go out on a high note!  And that means prep.  I’ll do actual packing later in the week.  I mean that I need to start getting together the GAME STUFF that I’ll bring to the Con.  I’m playing in a Star Wars Miniatures tournament and Wave 7 just hit.  Instead of buying much of anything at the Con, I went through my favey online game store (Miniature Market) to get the Wave 7 ships except the Hound’s Tooth.  I’m not really interested in the new Large ship right now.  I love the Khiraxz, I’m very excited about the bombing options included with the K-wing and TIE Punisher, and I like the upgrade cards included in all of them.  So, I picked them up for a reasonable price.  That’s my Con present (before I even get to a Con) to myself.  I’ll also bring a lot of my collection with me.  I need to think more deeply about what squad I might play.  I don’t play tournaments to win.  I play them to challenge myself and have a good time.  So, I have no problems with building and playing a “sub-optimal” squad if I’ll enjoy playing it.  Now that I know that I’ll have those three expansions (assuming that USPS Priority takes less than a week from 150 miles away…it did ship today), I’ll start building with the cards and ships in mind.  I’m still feeling Scum faction:

Xwing List

I haven’t played the StarViper much and I find the Blaster Turret to be pretty deadly on Kavil.  I’ll ask Jim if Cobra’s effect works equally for opponent’s attacking him at range 1.

Other things that I need to get together:

-Inventory my extra upgrade cards

-Last twenty or so issues of Fables for Jack to borrow

-DND Module that Jon sent me in case there is time to run a DND game

-Books and character sheets for the games we’ll play:  (DND 5, Savage Worlds, and Star Wars Saga)


We’ll be picking up our Star Wars Saga game that we haven’t played in years!  So, I’ll be dusting off my Noble Soldier.

Off to work!


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