Packing for Tacticon

My wife gave me some good advice for packing from her Mom:  Imagine what you’ll need from head to toe.

Of course, as a Nerd Goin’ a Con’n™, my chiefest concern is what T-shirts to pack.  I have decided on the following:

-Black T-shirt with 1980s/90s Batman Logo (Your counter-argument is invalid.)

-Tacticon 2012 T-shirt (can’t find 2013 and I’m lazy)

-Keep Calm And Game On T-shirt made for my Game Club at school

-Green Bay Packers  T

I also packed two hats:  Captain America Stitched Logo and Green Bay Packers Super Bowl 45 Hat

I know the Packers Merch is risky riding with a Bears Fan and going into a Broncos Den, but I live life on the edge and don’t compromise my principles.

I’ve also organized all the games I’ll be taking and playing:  Savage Worlds, Star Wars Saga, comics for Jack to borrow, X-wing stuff, dice, etc.


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