Tacticon 2015 Sunday Recap Part 1

I’ve had a lot of catch up to do at both schools and the various organizations I am a part of since we returned.  But here is the Sunday Tacticon recap!

I woke up early on Sunday (because it is impossible for me to sleep past 7 AM) and let the other boys sleep in.  I got ready, headed down, and had another nice breakfast with DJ, Kathy, and Christopher.

Our 10 AM session was another Savage Worlds game called Sins of the Forefathers.

The session was a mystical Roman Legionnaires theme.  The game started out nicely in that the very first thing the GM asked us to do was to team up with a partner (Lis and Jon paired up and so did DJ and I) and we had to come up with a quick back story about what sins our forefathers had committed that had brought us back to Rome.  Our goal was to atone for them.  DJ and I said that our forefather was Caligula and therefore we didn’t have to give any further explanation.  I also wanted to shoehorn in the fact that we were colonists on the frontier harassing Persians, but that one didn’t go through.  It’s allright.


My character.

The rest of the game was a variety of combats and they had some interesting tactical twists.  We started in Rome, hearing the high priestess speak of our duty.  She morphed into the incarnation of Lupus and we defeated her in combat after several brutal hits.  This Savage Worlds game was probably the most challenging one I have ever played in with the greatest sense of danger.


We had to soak a lot of damage with bennies.  The GM was pretty generous with them though.

In successive combats, each group of enemies was themed according to our backstory although this was random and not entirely obvious.   We had to figure it out.


Vampire in Rome!


Ah!  DJ and I fight a flying serpent.


Goat men!  Na na na na na na, Goat men!


A Greek sphinx and Lamia!  What was inside the sphinx?


A chimera, of course!

The final combat was interesting because we were only capable of damaging the part of the chimera (lion, goat, or dragon) that was themed to our particular sin.  DJ and I had lion.  At virtually at the same time, Jon, Lis, DJ and I had the same idea:  to vault onto its back using our shields.


With much effort we managed to kill the heads one-by-one.  We did better than we might have because the Dragon head was the first one we took out and it had a nasty breath weapon that hit us all immediately.  I knocked the lion head with one swift flying attack with my gladius.

It was a fun game.

One of the many cool things about the Rocky Mountain Savages Group is the fact that you get a custom six sided die for playing in their games at Ghengis Con or Tacticon.


On the left are past year’s dice.  Bottom right is this year’s general die.  I went ahead and joined the group as a charter paid member this year.  In return I got the blaze orange custom die and a themed Benny for use in Savage Worlds games.  Supposedly they are going to send me a T-shirt too.

So, awesome 10-2 game!  Our plan for the evening was to play Star Wars Saga RPG with the old group.  We went and got a lunch at a “build your own Mediterranean” place that DJ introduced me to a few years back and got back in time for Star Wars.  I’ll report on that in Part 2!


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