Tacticon 2015 Sunday Recap Part 2

In this last recap I’ll break down the evening of our last day at Tacticon this year.  One for the ages.

Several years ago, Jack ran a Star Wars Saga game for our group of friends.  Not only do we love Star Wars, but at the time he was also doing freelance work for Wizards of the Coast so we had access to all of the supplement books for Star Wars Saga edition RPG.

Long before Tacticon this year, we began our planning with the goal of running  our old Star Wars campaign.  It had been several years, but at 23 sessions, this was the longest role-playing game I had ever participated in.  Miraculously, we all had saved our characters and just picked up were we left off.


Jack was ready to make this a good one.  He came prepared with all sorts of visual aides.  Characters, maps, vehicles, “miniatures” (in the loosest sense), you name it!


Lis not pictured.  😦

I don’t intend this to be an RPG story report.  Jack has done a great job of doing that in the past.  We have over 100 single spaced pages of campaign story.  He should publish it online at some point.

The basics are this:  At the start of the game we were informed that our base was under attack.  We did some checks and thought through it for a little bit and decided that the best play was to setup a close staging area for our fleet at the Hapes Cluster and then do some stealthy investigation of Taanab, where our base is located.

Some additional information lead us to believe that we needed to go in with force.  We did.


Naturally, it was a trap.  The big ship that you can see in the background had interdiction capability, so the only way out was through.  A Star Destroyer loomed in orbit many thousands of kilometers away.  Our fleet consists of the Champion, our Strike-class cruiser and the Horizon’s EdgeTrask I, and the Nexu’s Fang.  We also have two flights of starfighters (Z-95s, I think).

The fighters focused on keeping the path clear for the cruisers with Jim in the Horizon’s Edge and me and the Champion pushing forward to get range advantage on the enemy cruiser.

The enemy cruiser was dangerous with some kind of rail gun thingy that was just shredding us.  It also split into two pieces and the front piece moved forward to engage us.  The space combat worked out really well.  The Champion is heavily armed for a medium cruiser and it was just a matter of getting into range.  An analysis of the enemy ship showed that the interdiction capability was concentrated in that portion.  The Champion took heavy damage.

The fighters did a pretty good job keeping the TIE fighters off of us but we did lose some people.  Jim went hard and fast at the enemy ship and used a Destiny Point to avoid getting killed by the rail gun.  I finished off the forward section with a turbolaser battery salvo.  The battle ended when I got the Champion within range of the back section and let loose the ion cannons.

Once we got to the surface, it was clear that the Star Destroyer was sending a ground assault force to take our base.  We were harboring one of the few remaining Jedi and Vader and the Emperor were not keen on letting us bolster the fledgling Rebellion (our game takes place between Episode III and IV).

Here is what we saw:


Dang.  The good news is that we just needed to buy time as we evacuated the base.  We split into three teams of Jon and Lis, Jim and DJ, and me organizing the base defenses.

Lots of cool things happened during this combat, including the TIE Tank being taken out by combined base and small arms fire, Jim running over and then smashing an AT-ST, Lis Force jumping onto an AT-AT (she ran out of time to cut into it), and Jim being airlifted to safety by the Horizon’s Edge.




After we got a crack at them:


Klecser, my original Star Wars RPG character and the namesake of this blog’s address even made an appearance, to my surprise!  I even helped the GM by explaining the finer points of some of Klecser’s weaponry.

Just as we were escaping, Clone Commander Dust arrived with a squad of his crack troops.


I don’t believe in no win scenarios.  I spent a Destiny point to head shot Clone Commander Dust, Indiana Jones versus Swordsman-style.

The game ended with some of Dust’s troops chasing our people back into the base…setting up a  future adventure!  We haven’t role-played over Google Hangouts in many months and the time is ripe.  Let’s see what happens!

We said our evening goodbyes, went to sleep, and trekked out in the morning for home.  It was a great Con and we decided that we’d give it one more shot, even though the Con was lean on events this year.  Yay!


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