X-wing Scenario Idea for Game Club

At Game Club this past Tuesday I was hoping to debut a scenario I created for introducing new players to X-wing.  They weren’t into X-wing at this club meeting (it depends on who shows).   But, here’s the scenario anyway, because I think it solves a lot of game introduction problems.

One of the problems with introducing X-wing to new players is that the upgrades are the one little extra set of rules that can really overwhelm people.  So, I advocate for first teaching the game sans upgrades and then introducing those upgrades later.

One of the other things that I feel needs to happen when teaching the people the game is to give them a super cool ship.  This scenario uses all large ships with no upgrades.  Depending upon the number of players, you can do any of the three factions.  This allows anywhere from two to an unlimited number of players.

I have enough larges to do three on three on two.  Roughly:  YT-2400/YT-1300/K-wing (good pilot) vs. Firespray/Decimator/Lambda vs. 2X IG-88.

Nobody likes to be done when their ship blows up, so when their ship is destroyed, a small ship comes in to allow the player to continue playing. I found in selecting ships that the Imperial ships were much much better than the Rebel ships so the small ships I selected for the Rebels have better pilot abilities.

I also considered that, as the experienced player, I want the new players to be completely in control.  So, I wouldn’t be playing right at the start.  What I would do is come in if one side was struggling as their relief, playing a ship on that side.

I’ll see how it goes, but once we nail down the basics of flying, actions and pilot skills, we can then worry about upgrades.


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