Club has been going well

Game Club has been chugging along.

We’re on a hiatus this week because of conferences, but, so far, the first quarter of Game Club has been good.

Video games are popular right now, and there is a consistent group of Night’s Black Agents RPG playing right now.  Mrs. Hough has done a great job of playing Magic with kids, sharing her and her spouse’s passion with the kids.

I’m a little sad in that kids haven’t been into trying out X-wing the last month.  I’ve had a nice scenario ready to go, but they just haven’t been interested.  I just keep reminding myself that the purpose of Club is for us to do what we like and if that doesn’t include what I like I need to let that happen.

I’m thinking about doing a Savage World’s game before/around Halloween.  It would make the teachers in the building zombies and the students would be the players.  I think that would be a lot of fun for them.


2 thoughts on “Club has been going well

  1. donnaldjohnson

    Student vs. teacher zombies sounds awesome: tabletop or LARP? for x-wing do you play the advanced game or the basic game? Do you have warbands (for a lack of better term) prebuilt and let them choose? or do they build their own warbands?



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