Force Awakens Musings Take Two

Not spoilers, once again, but discussion.  You’ve been warned.

I’ve just been thinking a lot about this lately.  I posted the following on some YouTube video discussing it.  It’s kind of a rehash of my last argument, but I think I’ve refined the argument a little better here.

The problem with the “Luke is evil” hypothesis is that it falls into this fan trap of thinking that greater complexity is the only way to make a story good or better. It also flies right in the face of the themes of Star Wars. I can get onboard with Luke being jaded. But evil? Luke being evil pretty much invalidates a huge thematic point of the original trilogy. Fans that subscribe to it are forgetting what the whole moral of the story was. They’re forgetting about Campbell’s influences on Lucas. If you take that away, it cheapens the whole endeavor. You may not like Lucas right now, but the themes he brought to the first three films were their greatest strength. I don’t think Disney, or Abrams, who have sunk eleventy bajillion dollars into the franchise, are willing to bet the farm on a total theme change. If you want to hook a new generation, you hook them on the themes that made Star Wars great in the first place. “Luke is evil” craps all over those themes.


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