BIC Velocity Mechanical Pencil Review

The BIC Velocity is an economy mechanical pencil available at retail at most stores in the US.  Is it worth the lower price point?


The package above contains quite a bit of kit, but at a pretty high price for what you get.  Two pencils, extra lead and erasers for about seven to eight dollars retail.  I got mine for 3.50 on sale.  I think it’s because big box stores are constantly replacing their economy pencil stock with either cheaper package options, or the same price with more kit.  Since I bought this, Target offers four pencils in yellow, orange, pink, and blue, with extra lead and erasers for four bucks!


Mine are 0.7 mm in pink and purple.


The lead sleeves are conical, designed for writing, and are retractable. The mechanism in these very inexpensive pencils is atrocious.  For one, ten clicks results in 7 mm of lead being extended.  In the other, 16 mm of lead extends on ten clicks.  This level of inconsistency is just heartbreaking.

I actually like the grip on this pencil.  The hard rubber grip is close to the ideal thickness for me for a pencil of this nature.


The erasers are billed as “durable”.  I’m not buying it.  This is about as cheap as plastic erasers get.  The eraser cap is just begging to be lost or a hindrance.  The pocket clip is flimsy.


I like the container that the refills come in.  It is an “opposite end” dual chamber design that allows you to easily keep the low quality erasers and lead you get with you on the go.  It’s better than getting kicked in the face!

Pros:  Price, grip, retractable

Cons: Quality across the board, including the mechanism

Writing experience: Good

Features: OK+ (hey, its retractable!)

Quality: Bad (mechanism inconsistency, flimsy pocket clip, low quality eraser)

I’m kind of sad that a decent writing experience yields to unacceptable quality.  Yet, for the price, it’s better than a Sharpwriter or a cheapo Basic BIC!

Does it make the Top Ten or honorable mentions? Nope.  Pretty close for honorable mentions, but not an option for a manufacturer that is the notorious poster child for cutting corners.

Just a reminder that I now have a separate page that hosts my Top Ten Mechanical Pencils and honorable mentions!


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