Pentel AL27 “Icy” Mechanical Pencil Video Review

In this video review I compare newer and older generations of the Pentel Icy, including a breakdown of the internal mechanism differences.

The critical difference is in the grip construction and the clutch.  The clutch is brass in the older model and plastic in the newest.

Writing Experience (modern): Good

Writing Experience (vintage): OK+

Quality (modern): OK

Quality (vintage): Good

Features (modern): Good

Features (vintage): Good

Price (modern): Cheap (6.50 USD for five Office Max, 2.5-3 USD for a couple at any bg box store)

Price (vintage): Cheap


The verdict?  The vintage version is the more complete package.  The key discerning visual features are the hard, dimpled, rubber grip and solid translucent colors.  You’ll also get a solid brass clutch.  I do think that the pocket clip is better on the newer version.  The grip is better too, but I grip too low for it to be a factor for me.

The Icy doesn’t get a Top Ten or Honorable Mention, but the vintage model would be a good edition to the collection of a collector.  If you’re looking for something functional, the Pentel Twist Erase GT is a better buy, first removed exactly a year ago!


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