Pilot G2 Mini Mechanical Pencil

Did you know that the Pilot G2 comes in a “Mini” version?


This isn’t really a review, because I’ve reviewed the G2 before and I really like it for what it is.  But I wanted to throw out there that I recently picked up a three-pack of G2 Minis on Amazon for the “add on item” price of 4 USD.

The pencil itself is essentially the same as the “regular size” G2.  Same grip, same retractable sleeve, same eraser.  It’s just squished into a smaller size.


I actually find myself appreciating this smaller version a lot.  It is convenient to slip this pencil into your pocket with a small notebook in case you have to jot something down on the go.  Here’s a comparison between the normal size and mini versions:


The G2 doesn’t make my Top Ten or Honorable Mentions, but it is one of the better economy pencil choices out there and comes at a very reasonable price.  If you’re looking for a great pencil that is pocket safe to take on the go, this is a great solution!

Here’s a rundown of how I rated the G2 originally in case you don’t have time to watch the video:

Writing Experience: Good

Quality: OK (I might be inclined to go OK+ on this now)

Features: Good

Cost: Cheap


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