I’m been REALLY busy the last few months…

I’ve had a lot of stuff going at school the last few months.  That means that my recreation time has been pretty limited, but I’ve made the most of it.

But, here is an update on games I’ve played and books I’ve been reading.  I’ve done a lot of cool recreating that I just don’t have the time to fully elucidate:

  1.  Fire Emblem Fates, Nintendo 3DS

Fates is awesome.  I highly recommend it as a tactical game.  I played through Birthright and beat it, and I’m currently very slowly chipping away at Conquest.  I have all the DLC and I have Revelations waiting in the wings.  I’m playing Hard Classic on all.

2. Star Wars: Rebellion The Board Game

I’ve been waiting for a board game like this for a long time.  Contrary to what you might think, this is not really a tactical battle game.  It is a tactical leadership game.  The game is not centered around combat.  You might play an entire game and have only a few combats.  The leader system in the game is really deep.  I love it.  The game forces you to choose between using your leaders to move fleets, start combats, do missions, or oppose enemy leaders.  That may not sound by much, but it is a lot to juggle.  The highest compliment I can give this game is that you really want to talk about the choices each side makes when you are done.

3.  Mechanical pencils

I have, of course, continued to review Mechanical pencils on my YouTube Channel.  I got a very lovely Retro 51 Lincoln pencil for my birthday, and an Autopoint All-American “Jumbo”.  I have also really started to collect Pentel Sharps en masse and using them a lot in my professional job.  Stay tuned for many reviews to come.

4.  Spielbound/Classroom Game Design

I’ve been to Spielbound quite a bit the last few months.  I’ve played Exploding Kittens, Codename, Smart Ass, Sushi Go and Star Wars: Rebellion there.

I’ve continued to write articles for the education side of the organization: http://spielbound.com/article/my-latest-classroom-board-game-project-part-1 This leads me to other projects I’ve been working on, which is classroom game design.  If you check out the article above, and the Part 2 that was just published, it details a Periodic Table Rummy game I built using Theo Gray’s Photographic Card Deck of the Elements.

5. Reading

I started and finished Ringworld by Larry Niven over the last few months and I really enjoyed it.  It presented a very rich technological world that was based off the concept of a Dyson sphere.

I started The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde a few weeks ago and am enjoying it.  It’s language is rich and pretty accessible as 19th century fiction goes.

Finally, I’m reading Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich if you had guessed any inkling of my political allegiance.  😉

There’s a lot more to talk about but I feel like I needed to just get that out.



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