Retro 51 Tornado Mechanical Pencil Video Review

The Retro 51 Tornado is an impressive line of pens that also has great twist action mechanical pencils.  I really wish they came in a wider variety of styles that matched every pen.  Still, this is a real style statement that can’t be ignored.

Writing Experience: Good+

Quality: Great

Features: Good+

Price: Expensive (30 to 70 USD for limited editions, featured pencil 32)

Pros: solidly constructed, great accoutrement with purchase (extra lead and erasers will last a long time), classy look, variety of styles that are always renewed each year (more in Tornado Pens), strong pocket clip, large eraser, pocket safe, reliable screw mechanism

Cons: 1.15 mm likely a turnoff for many, eraser compound not the most resilient, lead loading less convenient than gravity feed/clutch chambers

Verdict?  Replaces Lamy Safari on Top Ten List.  Lamy Safari replaces the Pilot RexGrip on the Honorable Mentions List.


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