My name is Michael Fryda.  I am a full time 9-12 science teacher and adjunct professor of teacher education at a MidWest university.  I advocate for teacher rights through the National Education Association.  I have strong views on a variety of political, social, and religious topics.  This blog will feature none of that.

In my spare time, I play games.  It isn’t a lot of spare time as I take my “real” job very seriously.  I run a Game Club for students where I teach.    I’ve co-published game information articles for the Star Wars Miniatures line by Wizards of the Coast, entitled “Star Wars Miniatures Strategy Showcase”, from 2008-2009.


I’m hoping that my collected thoughts here could eventually lead to the publication of a book on teaching games.  It is an art and a science and most people are pretty terrible at it.  My combined experience in K-16 education and gaming for most of my life has helped me to see common pitfalls to avoid and necessary skills for success that many gamers could benefit from reflecting on.

Games I play:

Battletech, The X-wing Miniatures Game, Nintendo 3DS and DS RPGs, a variety of tabletop RPGs (mostly DND and Savage Worlds), tRPGs, 4X games, a variety of board games and card games

I’m interested in the skills of effectively teaching games.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Chandon


    I recently discovered your blog and your You Tube channel via reading your comments on the Dave’s Mechanical pencils site. I think that you have done some very good reviews and videos about your mechanical pencils. Compared to the world of fountain pens, there are are hardly any quality reviewers of mechanical pencils, and I think that your blog and your channel are excellent. Would it be of use to you for me to send you some mechanical pencils to review? I would be more than happy to, as I have managed to acquire a fair number over the years! If you are interested, you can drop me a line at my personal email. In any event, keep up the great work and best wishes.


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  2. slsolarz

    Hi Michael,
    HELP! I love my Alvin Draft/Matic Mechanical Pencil but cannot figure out how to properly reload lead/graphite into it. The first one I owned I ruined by trying to load the lead from the tip. It clogged and is now unuseable. I bought a new one and have been happy until now — time to reload it for the first time…do you have an instructional video?? I have no idea what to do.



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