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Battletech Scenario Planning – Mech Point

After much planning,  our Battletech Scenario is scheduled for early August.  Barring any changes to the rules for the scenario, I think I have my 3000 BV point ready to go!

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Battletech Scenario Planning

After another rousing few games of Legendary last night, we’re ready to get back into Battletech!  What follows is a draft of our Scenario Rules that we’re mulling over for next time.  The various posts I’ve made recently with Mech construction has been helping me to prepare for this game.

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Map for Next Battletech Game and Pencil Update

Quick pencil update after yesterday.  My plan, when my wife and I go out today, is to hit up a Blick or Michaels and see if they have a Pentel Sharp p205 series, as recommended by the Mechanical Pencil Guy.  We’ll see how that goes.

In other news, here are some pictures of the map we’ll be using for our next Battletech game:


We’ll only be playing on about half of the map.  The rest of it is hidden in the foreground.  Most of the hexes are marked with terrain feature names and elevations and they are perfectly scaled to standard Battletech Hex size.

20140630_095507 20140630_095438 20140630_095453 20140630_09545820140630_095348 20140630_095402

 My apologies if some are a little blurry.  Lighting is bad in the Man Cave™.  Strategic islands were placed in the water to speed up the transition from map edges and avoid having to use underwater rules, which can be clunky.

I bought this map on eBay for around 50 USD plus shipping a little over a year ago.  Its done by a guy who calls himself the “Map Master”.  I’d credit his name if I knew it.  He has a Facebook presence (search Map Master Battle Maps) and a website.  This map is called “Archipelago Assault”.

The bad news is that his printing company closed down as of this writing and he had to increase his prices.  A map this size will cost you 75 USD plus shipping now.  Maps of this quality with appropriately scaled BT markings are rare.  So, I recommend this if,  like me, you prefer explicit markings on your maps so you don’t have to “guess” what your LOS is going through.  There is a lot of variety, including city maps.

The map is high quality, water resistant and on very durable paper.

My only criticism of them is, since they are aerial photographs, there isn’t a ton of variety within an individual map.  From a gameplay perspective, I just prefer my terrain to be more varied.