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I’m been REALLY busy the last few months…

I’ve had a lot of stuff going at school the last few months.  That means that my recreation time has been pretty limited, but I’ve made the most of it.

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Fire Emblem: Fates Approaches

I don’t think I’ve made a secret of the fact that Fire Emblem is pretty much my video game OTP.  The newest installment is forthcoming and the link above has a lot of footage.  It looks awesome.  I pre-ordered Birthright and I’m getting release day delivery from Amazon.  *squeal*

Nintendo has split this version up into two full games.  You buy one, and then you get the option to buy the campaign for the other one as DLC for 20 (?) bucks.  That is how DLC should work, in my opinion.  Nintendo gets the benefit of two copies of a popular game that have different stories and different “levels”.  The consumer doesn’t have to pay full price for both versions and can enjoy the second game once they buy a core game.  It’s what they should have done with Pokemon all along. “Gotta buy a few extra Pokemon at full game price!”  For the record, I have never bought two of the same Pokemon game and I never intend to.

On a humorous note, if you watch any of the videos linked above, they form a strong case study of how not to play Fire Emblem.  Don’t get me wrong, Fire Emblem is a hard game (but with kinder difficulty settings available).  I don’t know if Nintendo’s angle is to show someone being bad so the player feels better if they struggle with it a little?  Coddling aside, even the people who do ok in the 21 minute videos have a lot to learn.  And the shorter videos showcase perhaps one of the most incompetent FE players I’ve ever seen.  ;P

Update: As I’ve done more research today I’ve come to learn some critical differences between the two games:

  1. Birthright has been described as more “story-focused” with the grinding that you would expect in a traditional FE game.

  2. Conquest seems to be more “defend X territory” focused with almost no grinding and the expectation that you’ll play with what is given to you.

  3. If I’m understanding correctly (which I may not be), I have read that missions from the game you don’t purchase will be available as DLC as well as a “third pathway” game called Revelation that will also be purchasable as DLC.

Here is a succinct description of the options:

Quick update

I haven’t been posting much because there has been a lot going on professionally and personally.

I’ve been  having a blast with my Normal Classic file on Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Still love this game.  tRPG IS my genre, hands down.

Professionally, I’m in the process of writing a grant to create a game for my classroom that focuses on technology integration and global climate change.  I’ve been doing writing and re-writing and that takes time and mental focus.  I have a strong concept that I’m working off of. Thanks to my colleagues at school and Jon, Jack and DJ for offering additional very useful feedback.  I’ll update the progress as I go, but don’t want to say much more so that I can work on my idea without fear of malevolent outside interference.

On the pencil front, I got a good deal on eBay and a delicious red Pilot S20 is on the way. I will do a video review of that one, because there actually no video reviews of the S20 in English that I can find!  Also, Peter from France has sent me another Faber-Castell.  Thanks in advance to him!

Thinking about another game of Fire Emblem: Awakening

The big question I’m wrestling with is what mode to go on.

FE:A has two basic game settings:  You can pick difficulties of Normal, Hard and Lunatic and you can set the game mode to Classic or Casual.  In Classic, when a character dies, they are gone…FOREVER.

I played the game first on Hard Classic.  It was really challenging, but I got a good sense of satisfaction out of it.  Classic is good motivation to do your best.  But, I’ve been very busy lately and I’m not sure that I want the pressure of Hard Classic.

So, I’m thinking about doing a Normal Classic run.  I want the risk of “perma-death”, but I just don’t want to expend the mental effort to have to work really hard to prevent it.  Consider it more like a story mode run.  I won’t have to worry so much about equipment management, and I can focus on just enjoying it.