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Games that actually help you learn science…a new project

Recently people have been posting a twist on Battleship that makes the game board a Periodic Table.  People are saying:  “Cool!  Science!”  From a science learning perspective, there is nothing with real science learning about that game.  What happens when an actual science learning expert and game design enthusiast takes a stab at it?

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I’m thinking about my next Spielbound article…

…and I think I need to write about the counterpoint that board games can offer opposite of modern technology to thought attention.

Our technology is, by definition, multi-task oriented.  But research suggests that we’re deluding ourselves.

(University of Michigan study)

(Stanford University study)

Don’t get me wrong.  Modern board games are surely complex.  But, you’re focusing on a single larger goal.  Not unrelated ones.  From a classroom perspective, games potentially offer deeper thinking experiences in a breadth-focused world.