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Games that actually help you learn science…a new project

Recently people have been posting a twist on Battleship that makes the game board a Periodic Table.  People are saying:  “Cool!  Science!”  From a science learning perspective, there is nothing with real science learning about that game.  What happens when an actual science learning expert and game design enthusiast takes a stab at it?

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Traits of a Good Gamemaster

I’ve posted examples related to this topic before.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  In coaching students to become good GMs, I crafted this list to help give specific “to dos” that can help GMs improve their skills.

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Scotland Yard and Our Next Battletech Game

I was chatting with Daniel yesterday and we had some ideas about what we want to do with our next game.  We’ll do some planning and Mech building, and in the interim play a few other board games as we prepare.  At the top of that list are Betrayal at House on the Hill, Scotland Yard and the new Legendary constructible card game that Daniel recently invested in.  I won’t highlight each of these.  Scotland Yard deserves emphasis because it isn’t well known by younger gamers and many people appreciate it.

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Custom Damage Reduction Rules in Battletech

My friend Josh has been wanting to inject some more “realism” into Battletech and has proposed a more robust damage reduction system than what is presented in Tac Ops.  I’ve put together a proposal that we are discussing right now.  I have concerns with many of the dimensions of this, but we’re making progress and tweaking as we go.

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