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Reading Roundup: 2001, Eye of the World, The Martian

I’m catching up on a lot of reading that I intended to do over the last few years that professional and life considerations interfered with.  I recently finished two books, fast-tracked a third, and kinda sorta started the fourth.  Everything here is spoiler free.  Enjoy!

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Reading Roundup

Happy Memorial Day, especially to friends and family who have lost a loved one in the Service.

With school letting out and having more free time, I’ve been reading some books and periodicals.

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Mad Max with Savage Worlds and Battletech? Awesome!

Tonight we’ve had a change of plans.  To mix things up a little, Don is preparing a Mad Max-based setting with a combination of Savage Worlds RPG rules and Battletech vehicle damage rules.  The idea is we will have a Mad Max vehicle chase, and the vehicles will be the characters.  We will use the Battletech vehicle damage rules to reflect gradual damage to a vehicle that impacts its ability to perform.

I’m not sure what this is going to look like but it will probably be a lot of fun.  I’ll report the results.

Blast From The Past Part 1

I’ve been writing on the internet for a long time now, and one of my concerns is that some of that writing would get lost and gamers wouldn’t benefit from it.  I played the Star Wars Miniatures Game for four years solid before it went belly up when petroleum got hyper expensive.  I was very active in the game, posting on the official Wizards message board as “klecser”, doing the Strategy Showcase articles and judging a National Tournament at Gen Con 2009.

The three articles linked below are a series that I did for Atlanta Star Wars Gamers.  They use Star Wars Miniatures as the example.  Some of it won’t be relevant to current gamers, but I think they are worth linking to as general resources for construction strategies in any constructible game.  You can apply similar construction rules to many games.  Plus, you get to see me in my panda hat.  Win, win.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Or, Chuck was nice enough to PDF all three of them together in one document:

X-Men: Days of Future Past today!  I’ll report out what I think.

Custom Damage Reduction Rules in Battletech

My friend Josh has been wanting to inject some more “realism” into Battletech and has proposed a more robust damage reduction system than what is presented in Tac Ops.  I’ve put together a proposal that we are discussing right now.  I have concerns with many of the dimensions of this, but we’re making progress and tweaking as we go.

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