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Alvin Draft/Matic Mechanical Pencil

I had resisted getting the Alvin Draft/Matic for quite some time because I generally don’t care for textured metal grips at the bottoms of my mechanical pencils.  But, Blick had a sale and this was the last mechanical pencil that is available at this store that I was interested in.  I’m glad I took the plunge because the Draft/Matic vaults to the top of my list of drafting pencils with a similar metal grip design.

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Finding the Perfect Mechanical Pencil

A few weeks ago, I came to the realization that the tools I was using for gaming weren’t the right ones for what I was trying to accomplish.  What exactly was I trying to accomplish?  Well, I feel a very strong connection of writing utensil to paper.  I’m not a good artist, by any measure.  My handwriting is pretty atrocious.  But, I find ownership over what I create with writing utensil and paper, more so often than blogging.  After all, writing is literally physical and blogging is ones and zeros.  If a server somewhere at WordPress headquarters is destroyed in a fire, I’ll lose all of my work here.  But a physical copy?  It may not be any safer than the server, but at least I know I have control over it.  Long story short, I have always felt that if an intellectual has a signature “tool”, for me it is a writing instrument and this is my foray into finding the style of mechanical pencil, specifically, that is best for me.

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