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Testing Battlelore Second Edition

My colleague Ben, who runs Game Club with me, and I were talking about another game for us to introduce the kids to next year that would be like Heroscape.  Heroscape is out of print, but the simpler hex-based movement with varied terrain and special ability-focused units was really interesting to Ben.  Its like a Battletech Lite that he could play with the kids and feel confident.  So, we purchased a copy for Club and tested it out last week.

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Thinking Out Loud About Game Club 2014-2015

I met with my buddy and colleague Ben yesterday.  Ben helps me out as co-sponsor of Game Club at my school.  We met today to not only hang out and so I could see his new house, but also to chat a bit about what we want to do for Game Club next year.

Here are our top goals for emphasizing games, purchases, and how to maintain our sanity at Club:

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