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Battletech Tonight

Tonight we will finally be playing our Battletech game that we have been planning for for quite some time.

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Player’s Handbook Musings and Battletech Setup

Last night we still needed to finish building up units for our Battletech game, so we had a construction night and did a variety of things.

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Boys Night Out

Last night was quite the big night for the local gaming group!  We started in my Man Cave™, went out on the town, and finished in the Man Cave™.

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Battletech Scenario Planning – Mech Point

After much planning,  our Battletech Scenario is scheduled for early August.  Barring any changes to the rules for the scenario, I think I have my 3000 BV point ready to go!

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Resolute Take 2

After my first experiment with constructing “equivalent” Clan and Inner Sphere Mechs, I was not entirely satisfied with the results.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could probably use Endo-Composite Internal Structure over regular Endosteel in order to free up much needed crit space in the Inner Sphere Mech.  Here are the results of continuing to refine the Inner Sphere design.

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Battlemech Design Experimentation – Inner Sphere vs. Clan

In doing all of my recent designs of Battlemechs, I came upon the question:  What would happen if you attempted to make a strict Inner Sphere tech base Mech that was as close to a strict Clan tech base as possible?  Would the BV reflect the extreme difference in the strength of the two tech bases?  Here follows a single anecdote investigating the question.

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3000 BV Point for Battletech Option 2

We’re planning for our next Battletech game!  The rough guidelines are:

1) 3000 BV

2) Two Mechs

3) Modified BV cost by Mechwarrior Skill (as per Tech manual rules)

4) Virtually anything goes with tech.  We’re trying to test out a variety of Tac Ops rules in this game.

The following Mechs don’t add up to 3000 BV, but are my attempts to really explore some devastating Mechs with Clan Tech.

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