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Battletech Role-playing?

For several years now I’ve resisted checking out Battletech role-playing even though I’ve been interested in it.

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Man/Game Cave Reboot

My Man/Game Cave was getting really messy and we were struggling to fit five adults comfortably in it.  So, yesterday I bought some additional shelving, assembled it, cleaned out the Cave, reorganized it, and filed a bunch of stuff in its appropriate place.  I am now ready to start our Battletech Game that we have been planning this coming Saturday.  Pics after the jump.

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Player’s Handbook Musings and Battletech Setup

Last night we still needed to finish building up units for our Battletech game, so we had a construction night and did a variety of things.

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Boys Night Out

Last night was quite the big night for the local gaming group!  We started in my Man Cave™, went out on the town, and finished in the Man Cave™.

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