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40 Years of Dungeons and Dragon…Locally

Omaha Represent!



First Game At Tacticon

Labor Day weekend I was at Tacticon in Denver.  It is mostly a role-playing/board game/tactical and historical miniatures Con.  I posted pictures in several places over the course of the weekend: Day 1, Day 1 Part 2, and Day 2.  This is the full report for the first game!

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Being a Supportive Role-player

Your character is not an island.  You have the freedom to choose who you want your character to be in any RPG.  On the other side of the coin, you are also part of a group of characters.  How can you be an effective team member?

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DND 5th Wizard

Here’s my crack at the Fifth edition Wizard.  I’m unlikely to play this right away as we have this cool multi-rogue party thing that we’re considering.

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DND 5th Rogue

After finishing up the Gamma World Campaign, Jamie volunteered to DM our next game and we were all pretty interested in testing out the DND Basic rules for Fifth Edition.  So, she asked us to make characters using the 4D6 method.  In looking at the Rogue, I’m inspired to play classes that I’ve never really done before.  I’ll make a case here as to why I think all of the classes in this version, but especially the Rogue, are more balanced between each other than ever before.

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DND 5th Basic Rules Impressions

A few days ago, Wizards of the Coast released the Basic Rules for Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition. Although this is the first time such an extensive set of rules has been released, for free, in PDF form, the decision to do this doesn’t really surprise me.

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