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Player’s Handbook Musings and Battletech Setup

Last night we still needed to finish building up units for our Battletech game, so we had a construction night and did a variety of things.

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DND 5th Edition

I haven’t and won’t be posting much during these very busy last few days of school.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  The new Player’s Handbook is releasing at Gen Con this year.

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DND Overday recap

This session was always intended as the culminating event of the year in which I would tie up all the loose plotlines.  With four members of the RPG group graduating, I also wanted to give them some closure so that they would feel that they accomplished a major plot goal or two, knowing that there were much bigger fish to fry in the established world.

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Interactive Games Overday

On Saturday we had what I would consider one of our better Overdays.  Twenty kids, two adults and a ton of games, 8 AM to 8 PM, in our school Cafeteria.

A breakdown:

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DND Session Report

We had our last regularly scheduled club meeting of the year last night.  With next Saturday being our big Overday celebration, my co-teacher and I need most of next week to prepare for the Overday.  We had video games, Magic, general hanging out, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Dungeons and Dragons.

I set the stage for this episode by recapping a lot of the interweaving plot lines from past games.  One of our players was poisoned by a malevolent black ooze that he decided to lick off of a wall to be funny (?).  This is evidence of an impending invasion related to a Black Dragon and Wizard the party encountered in the second session.  One player’s mentor had been captured by the parents of another, and while the player attempted to pursue his parent’s, his own father shot him in the back with arrows, leaving him paralyzed.  Its been quite the dramatic game so far!

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