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Legendary – Marvel Heroes Deck Building, Bonus: Teaching Games!

Last night we played Legendary: The Marvel Heroes Deck-Building Game.  I heart it and I’m going to buy it for Game Club and try to get it to take off this year.  Somehow.  While also playing BT and a DND 5th campaign…  *whew*

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Building Goodwill at the Table – Part 1 – Empathy and Communication

Whether I’m playing with friends or strangers at a gaming table, there are a series of policies that we can all follow that increases goodwill and keeps gaming fun.

I’ve encountered few gamers who don’t let some amount of negative emotion override their kinder nature.  They’ve been burned by untrustworthy people at the table before, and hell if they’re going to let you do it to them again.  It isn’t fair to you, but escalating their feelings or a situation isn’t going to result in a positive outcome for anyone.  Your job in a social setting is not to be social police.  It is to be social therapist.  I know, I know, you’re not a therapist.  Neither am I.  But the truth is that my time as a teacher, active professional, and friend to many gamers has helped me to learn a lot of de-escalation strategies that can really benefit people at the table, ourselves included.

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