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Game Club Group 2 Role-playing Update

Tuesday of last week the second group got their second session.

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Game Club Parity

Game Club went pretty well last night.  We played X-wing Miniatures, Wii U Smash Bros, no dice Dungeons and Dragons and many more.  I could break down  what happened with any of those, but instead I’d like to focus on perhaps our best success.

We had an almost equal distribution between young women and young men at yesterday’s club.  This is a huge success.  Women feel welcome at Game Club.  I have been trying to make that a reality for some time and I feel like we’ve accomplished it.  The women were present and playing games.

The highlight of the evening (and this will sound terrible) is that Candace had another practice that she had to attend and arrived late.  When she arrived, she was very disappointed that she didn’t arrive early enough to get in on X-wing Miniatures (we were already swelled at a three on three and well into the game).  My evening wasn’t made because she was disappointed, of course.  It was made because she clearly very much enjoys a hobby that is regrettably dominated by men.  We need to change that domination and I’m committed to changing it.  And so I’m clear, I’m not “surprised” that she likes it or makes smart moves with very little experience.  Its an awesome game.  I’m happy that we’ve crafted an environment where all are excited to engage in a game to their fullest.

I mean, if you’re a gamer and want to make a first step to combating this problem in our hobby, you can start by not being (or acting) surprised.  Don’t be surprised that a woman likes Star Wars.  Don’t be surprised that a woman wants to be intellectually challenged.  Don’t be surprised when you exclude a woman or treat her “softly” when you teach a game and she never comes back to the table.  There is a good start.  And there will be more that you need to do to help make a better hobby.  But you’ll have to start somewhere, and that means checking yourself before you wreck yourself.