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Being a Supportive Role-player

Your character is not an island.  You have the freedom to choose who you want your character to be in any RPG.  On the other side of the coin, you are also part of a group of characters.  How can you be an effective team member?

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Coming Up…On Tactical Thinking

I’ve been at an education conference for the last week so not much has happened here.  I only had the Galaxy with me and you gotta be pretty committed or desperate to blog on a tiny little screen. 😉

The gaming/blogging plans for this week include:

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Distance Gaming in the Modern Era

As I write this we’re role-playing the original Gamma World setting via distance and we have people from at least four States gaming all in one location.  We use Google Hangouts for our setup and DJ our GM uses two computers.  One computer is his normal “video chatting” computer and the second one is his “map” computer where he displays maps.

Google Hangout Gaming

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