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Teaching Games (Part 2) – Common Pitfalls

In this part, we’ll discuss what some common pitfalls can be in teaching games.  It won’t be comprehensive, by any means, and it may not even have a recognizable order.  I’m doing this for me right now, with the goal of helping others after I get my thoughts out.  Some would argue that you should never start a premise (how to teach games) with the negative side (how not to do it), but I feel like I have to nail down what I see as not working before I get to what we all can do to fix it.

Some of these may surprise the reader.  If any of these surprise you, consider spending more time gaming with strangers.  You see all of these pitfalls when you see as wide of an array of gamers as possible.  Of course, you can make your own decisions and I don’t blame you if you would choose to simply not expose yourself to players like this.  As adults, we have the freedom to choose our circles of friends, and there is no reason to torture yourself attempting to “fix” people that you can’t fix.  We all deserve happiness.  Sometimes, though, as gamers, and especially at Cons, we find ourselves exposed to all of these pitfalls.

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Overday in Preparation

We do two big events at our school Game Club to raise funds for the club.  The kids just aren’t responsible enough to do classic school fundraising.  This started about nine years ago as the “Overnight”, in which we played games all night from Friday night to Saturday morning in our school cafeteria.  Girls and boys had separate “sleeping” areas.  Nobody slept anyway.  Teenagers don’t sleep while playing games.  It was all good.  Never had a single incident.  When I say they’re not “responsible” enough to fundraise, I probably should say they’re “too flaky” to fundraise because I have rarely had any behavior responsibility issues in Club, other than those related to the fact that it sucks to be 15 and not know how to interact with people.  That is what club is for.

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