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Fahrney’s Pens DC

While here in Washington D.C. for the National Education Association Representative Assembly, I had the opportunity to hit up one of the finest pen stores in the US: Fahrney’s Pens.  It’s fancy, and they have great exclusives.  Here are some photos:

I should have taken a photo of the whole store.  It’s one of those luxury shops that has attendants on duty and sets out stuff on velvet cushions.  Nothing is marked. Pretty snooty, but it’s nice that fine pen shops exist.  They’re online: fahrneyspens.com.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I got!  In addition to a present for the wife. (Shhhhhhhh.  Surprise!)

For me?  Fahrney’s exclusive Signature II Series Retro 51 Tornado Pencil with the signers of the Declaration of Independence acid etched.  Beautiful:

I’m been REALLY busy the last few months…

I’ve had a lot of stuff going at school the last few months.  That means that my recreation time has been pretty limited, but I’ve made the most of it.

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