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Teaching X-wing and Smash Bros. 3DS

I had quite a few Game Club members interested in learning X-wing tonight and I think I hooked them!

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Second Day At Tacticon Report and X-wing Miniatures Game Review

Labor Day weekend I was at Tacticon in Denver.  It is mostly a role-playing/board game/tactical and historical miniatures Con.  I posted pictures in several places over the course of the weekend: Day 1, Day 1 Part 2, and Day 2.  This is the full report for the second day!

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Painting Battlemechs

About fifteen years ago, if you had asked me about painting miniatures, I would have told you “no thank you.”  I attempted it in my early 20s, didn’t really have the patience for it, and abandoned my efforts.  I didn’t really have a proper art teacher.  But, with some tips from painting experts like Jack Irons and painting enthusiasts like Donnald Johnson, I’ve come quite a long ways.  And I have the Battlemechs to prove it.

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